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The End
11/05/2005 22:22
Well if i had any fans, you can leave now. I'm officially a Blogger now, woooo. Anyway since i'm now a blogger, i can't be asked to keep this site open as well especially as uploading the pages and designing them can be such a long process, the pages will remain but the it will no longer be updated. Check out my new blog here, aptly named Russian Space Station version 2 Thanks to any and all visitors who came by as i know usher in the blogging age. Thanks again and i hope you enjoy the blog
IT's Alive!!!
08/04/2005 16:43
Blu-ray's finally complete, lots of you may say, "why didn't you sleve the PSU wires?", the answer is cheapo psu, to be replaced one day, whats the point. Others of you may also ask, "why don't you get a life", the answer is i had one but it fell out of my pocket one day while i was walking past a pc shop. Also i was considering starting up a podcast and follow my latest idol'esc, Adam curry .Problem is, i can't think what in the world i would talk about, PAN's, PC modding, Stuff, who knows. and lastly the half term's coming to an end so life unfortunately is gonna go back to normal.

Standard Formfactor
24/03/2005 17:34
My first Rant, aarhh. I know so many people who would love a laptop. I too would love one, but after i finished Blu-ray i swore i wouldn't buy another pc (although i do plan on buying an apple ibook). I was thinking it would be great if manufactures could get together and create some sort of universal form factor. Something similar to the desktop equivialents (ATX, mATX etc.) All they would have to do really is take a page out of SFF's book. Case/chassis and motherboard aka "barebook", i know that you can get a similar products from manufactures such as asus and aopen but these are really hard to get hold of. So my first idea is to petition a major retailer to start carrying such products.

Station Online(again)
24/03/2005 17:00
Believe it or not this is third incarnation of Russian Space Station. The first in 2000/2001 (www.russianspacestation.homestead.com) died when Homestead.com did It focused on the teens favourite, Big robots with massive guns(Gundam's). The second version lauched at this same address in 2002. It focus on the real teens favourite "Championship manager", it too died, well sort of. So whats the third version gonna be about, emm, i like the sound of me...

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